Message of the Hon. Secretary

The Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society which got off the ground 56 years ago from now through the pioneering effort of the Late Desa Bandhu Dr. Hudson Silva is an internationally renowned institution rendering an invaluable service towards ushering good fortune for the blind, both local and overseas, to see the light of this world.

The Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society which is a government registered charity organization consists of 07 main sections with the International Eye Bank, the Human Tissue Bank, Dr. Hudson Silva Eye Hospital, Contact Lens Production Plant, Public Relations and Publicity Division, Administration Division and Accounts Division under its purview.

The main task of the International Eye Bank is to seeing to th preservation of eyes obtained from the deceased persons having them processed in such a manner as to graft them to a visually handicapped person.

Through this noble exercise, such corneas numbering more than one hundred thousand have been donated free of charge to the eye patients in hospitals situated in 117 cities belonging to 57 countries all over the world including Sri Lanka.

The Human Tissue Bank which carries out the grafting operations of human valvular parts, tissues and bones on patients having had such parts preserved after removing them from the cadavers and its exclusive mission is of great importance, particularly in the case of treatment on war heroes who were rendered disabled due to war over the past several years.

The Dr. Hudson Silva Eye Hospital engages in treating out patients and performing surgeries on visually handicapped on a subsidized rate and facilities have been provided to ensure the availability of high quality contact lenses for a very nominal price through our very own contact lenses production plant that is the only one of its kind in Sri Lanka.

In addition to this, the Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society is in the delivery of host of other services such as free cataract operations on exclusively selected very poor eye patients, distribution of reading glasses for free, awareness programs to educate people to donate their eyes and tissues and making opportunities available for people to act likewise.

My ardent wish as the Hony. Secretary is that the Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society doing many a yeoman service will prosper in the long time to come to see people of Sri Lanka accomplishing perfection in all aspects of donation and alms giving and also to work towards curing people living in the entire world.

Hony. Secretary of the Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society